Challenges of Renewable Energy Utilization for Power Generat | 56306

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Challenges of Renewable Energy Utilization for Power Generation: Renewable-Energy-Based Microgrids and Microgrid-Based Smart Grid Systems

Hashem Nehrir

It is expected that demand for electricity will increase rapidly in the foreseeable future with population growth around the globe. The increase in demand dictates the need for increase in generation capacity, much of which is expected to be in the form of emission-free renewable-energy-based power generation. This presentation evaluates the potential of several different renewable energy resources for power generation with a focus on the potential energy of sun for solar photovoltaic and solar heat power generation, and solar heat for hydrogen production. The opportunities and challenges associated with the use of sustainable, but variable renewable-energy-based power generation sources will be discussed. Furthermore, novel artificial-intelligence-based peer-to-peer power management strategies for mitigating the variability and improving resiliency of multi-source renewable-energy-based microgrids to find a “trade-off” optimal production point, and a microgrid-based power system architecture will be presented. Lastly, a vision for a future renewable-energy-based Hydrogen-economy society will be presented.

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