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Case Report on Labor and Delivery While Placenta Presence in Caesarian

Vincent John

Among the 65,000 live births in the Ukraine, 3 result in maternal demise. Some of these passings happen taking after difficulties related with placenta previa, which is show in roughly 1 in 200 pregnancies. Placenta previa happen when the placenta is situated in the lower some portion of the uterus, near or including the cervical opening. Commonly connected with or suspected in the nearness of placenta previa is the turmoil of placenta accreta, which is a type of unusual placentation and happens when the placenta imbeds defectively into the mass of the myometrium. The event rate of placenta accreta is around 1 in each 2,500 pregnancies. Placenta previa and placenta accreta are related with expanded maternal discharge and coming about expanded maternal mortality and morbidity. When the rate of cesarean conveyance expands, a relating increment in the event rate of placenta previa and placenta accreta has been watched. The rate of cesarean conveyance in the joined States is 31.1% and is at a record-breaking high. The expanded rate of cesarean conveyance is multifactorial. The number of essential cesarean conveyances being performed has expanded. In the interim, the quantity of vaginal births after cesarean conveyance has diminished. This diminished number has added to an expanded rate of rehashed cesarean conveyance. The reason for this case report is to survey the administration of a patient conceded for elective cesarean conveyance with known placenta previa and suspected placenta accreta. The case report will be trailed by a general talk identified with the administration of obstetric patients with placenta previa and placenta.