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Journal of Biology and Today's World

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Agricultural Extension and Advisory Officers? Familiarity and Competence for Application of ICTs in Agricultural Advisory Services Delivery in Imo State, Nigeria

Godson Ibeji CC*, Chikaire JU, Anaeto FC and Oparaojiaku JO

This paper examined the familiarity and competence of agricultural extension staff with and in use of ICT devices for communication to and with farmers. The specific objectives were to ascertain extension officers ’ familiarity with ICT devices; identify perceived ICT capability competence of extension officers; and identify perceived challenges facing extension staff use of ICT devices. One hundred and twenty (120) extension staff of the Imo ADP were purposively selected and interviewed. Percentage and mean were used to analyse the data. The findings reveal that the extension agents were familiar with radio, television, computers, internet, projector, printer, ipads, ipods, web-boards, interactive white boards among others. They have the ability to use computers, knowledge of the internet, use computers to solve problems, data processing and sending text messages - Lack of training in ICTs, poor infrastructure, and poor power supply, high cost of ICT devices and high cost of maintenance were challenges facing extension personnel in ICT use. To improve ICT use by extension offices, training should be given regularly to staff, availability of maintenance shops be encouraged and cost of ICT device be brought low.