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A Census of Premenstrual Syndrome in Young Adolescent Girls: Facts about Women Health in Developing Country

Tamseela Mumtaz, Nabila Roohi and Muhammad Amir Iqbal

Introduction: Women often experienced ragged and unpredicted kind of behavior and hardly recognize their attitude as premenstrual syndrome. Adolescent girls are particularly naïve and unacquainted of the symptoms and if aware, hide due to shyness.

Method: In this cross sectional study, a survey was conducted in educational institutes to determine the prevalence of various categories of PMS in young teen agers girls at different stages of their luteal phase. Predominance of PMS was finding out by applying Chi square test and significant incidences of PMS was observed.

Result: PMS-A is recognized as a recurring phenomenon with most number of victims. Mild anxiety experienced by 38% respondents and severe mood swings affected more than 22% college going girls. PMS-H vie PMS-A having maximum numbers of females with complain of spartan type of fluid retention. Abdominal bloating and breast tenderness found as customary signs and 70% pubescent girls face these troubles before and during menstruation. Depression crying and fatigue are other major warning cryptograms of PMS.

Conclusion: Frequency of premenstrual syndrome must be figure out in adolescent girls and they must educate about its indications, complications and outcomes to ensure the good quality of women health at their reproductive age.