58 days old infant TAR SYNDROME with COVID-19 infection | Abstract

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58 days old infant TAR SYNDROME with COVID-19 infection

Nidhin, Aril Abraham, Gladys Cyril

Thrombocytopenia absent radius is a rare congenital disorder which can be the most severe in the neonatal period. (1) This disease is associated with absence (aplasia) of long thin bones of forearm; Thrombocytopenia and short stature. This disease might also be accompanied with structural alterations in Cardiovascular or Renal system. The patients also exhibits cow’s milk intolerance. Tar syndrome is an autosomal recessive pattern caused by a genetic disorder primarily due to the deletion of RBM8A gene. (2) The prevalence of this disease is between 0.5 -1:100000 and 1:240000 births affecting both the sexes equally.(3) Thrombocytopenia usually develops in the first week of life to months and usually decreases with age. Tar syndrome patient coming for a procedure becomes an anaesthetic nightmare and in an infant subsequentially diagnosed with Covid 19 is going to be a challenge for the anaesthesiologists. We report the case of a 58 days old infant diagnosed with Tar syndrome and with Covid 19 presented for central line insertion.